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Volunteering to Help Team 303 RAMP

It takes an army to run a robotics team! Team 303 RAMP needs volunteers with a range of skills to help them throughout the year. If you have a particular skill set that might be helpful to the team, please Contact RAMP. We need helpers and mentors with all sorts of abilities. Here are some ways that you can help Team 303!

Concession Event Coordinators

RAMP has several volunteers that plan, organize and help run the concession stand events for the year. Please see Concession Volunteering for more information about concessions.

Concession Event Volunteer

RAMP needs MANY volunteers to help run the concession stands during the year. Please see Concession Volunteering for more information about concessions. See the RAMP Fundraising Event Schedule for the current list of events needing volunteers and donations.

Join the RAMP Executive Board

Board members serve for a 1 year term starting on July 1. Each May an election is held to fill all positions for the coming year. It is essential to the health of the organization that new people run for office each year. This ensures a constant supply of fresh ideas. See the RAMP Bylaws for details on board member roles and responsibilities.

Build Season Team Meals Coordinator

RAMP provides meals for the team during the build season and we need a parent to coordinate the volunteer cooks. Please see Build Season Meals for more information about the build season meals.

Travel Coordinator

We need at least 1 volunteer to help coordinate team travel. You will work with the team advisors on planning & booking travel arrangements (air fare, bus transportation, hotels, activities, etc.) for the team when they travel to out of state events.

Grants Coordinator

We need volunteers to help coordinate solicitation of grants from local businesses to sponsor the team. You will work with other parents to draft letters to potential sponsors.

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